Monday, January 6, 2014

So Far...

Challenge #1

Greeks, Small Map, Pangaea , Challenge to conquer world in classical era. Andrew succeed much more quickly than I did, I had to make several attempts.

Challenge #2

Persians, Standard Map, Pangaea - Very hard starting position, Huns to the south, China leading tech wise, neither of us win.

Challenge #3

Mohawks, Standard Sized map of Earth - Both of us conquered Europe and Asia.

Challenge #4

Moroccans, Standard Map, We both "won" on score at end of game which involved conquering neighbouring Greeks. In my game Japan was the ascendant power on other continent while in Andrew's it was the Dutch. See the mini-maps in the following pictures.

Andrew's Score.

My Score.

Challenge #5 - In Progress

Incans, Standard Size Map, Prince level, young wet world with low sea level.

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